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The Kinder Barrel Race 2023 took place on the 23rd September. 

Watch this space for the 2024 date...


Four mile TEAM BARREL RACE (team carrying 50kg barrel)

INDIVIDUAL FELL RACE over the same course (The Pint)

CHILDREN'S RACE (The Half Pint) 





The tale of the Kinder Barrel Race tells how after the calamity of the pumps going dry at the Nags Head Pub in Edale, a team of determined (and presumably thirsty) individuals raced as the crow flies over Kinder to the Snake Pass Inn, returning with an evidently much needed barrel of beer. For twenty years the Snake Pass Inn has been used as the start of the race honouring this heroic feat, with the race ending in Edale to loud cheers and the chinking of glasses. Unfortunately, the Snake Pass Inn has now been converted to private holiday accommodation and it is no longer possible to start the race from there. A new route has now been set, starting and finishing in Edale, but hopefully maintaining the fun and challenge of the original course with a nod to this epic beer related legend.

The event will have a new base at Newfold Farm Campsite, just across from the Nags Head Pub, in the centre of Edale. Alongside teams of eight (The Barrel) there will for the first time be a race for individual runners along the same route (The Pint), along with an easier children’s race to let them get in on the fun (The Half Pint).

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Spectators Welcome!
We'll have a bouncy castle, BBQ, sweet and cake stall and a bar on the field, so lots of fun to be had whilst we wait for teams to come in. Or why not plan a walk to head out and watch teams come past? 


We encourage people to think of the environment and come to the race by train if possible. Entrants who can show their train tickets will be given free cake!


Parking for competitors and spectators is available and signed in the village, just a short walk down the road from Newfold Farm. There will be one parking space reserved for each Barrel Race team to allow equipment to be easily carried to and from the start.  


All profits go to supporting Hope and Edale Primary Schools

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