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The Pint

Same route as the barrel, but without the beverage.

Not for the faint hearted. Or weak of ankle. 

Race Information

The Pint Race will start at 10:00 from Newfold Farm Campsite. The route is that of the Barrel, following 4 miles of trail up onto Kinder. It is a challenging route but it is FUN. The route can be walked or run. Fancy dress is encouraged. The only stipulation is that competitors wear appropriate footwear (trail shoes or walking boots only) and have some navigation experience. Marshals are placed along the route along with route markers.


The timings of the races has been arranged so that all Pint runners will be back on the field to cheer in the Barrel teams when they arrive in.

All competitors will be emailed full information on entry.

Kinder BBR Route_edited.jpg
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