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The Barrel

The classic.

Teams of eight carry a barrel over the four miles of hill, moor and trail. 

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Rules of the Race

Barrels are provided on the field from 9am on the day of the race. Teams must provide their own rig to carry the barrel over the route.


The race starts at 10:30 am following a Team Captains' briefing and a check of teams' footwear and barrel rigs. Starts will be staggered at 3 minute intervals. 

Announcement of the winning team and awarding of trophies will take place at 3pm. The winning team will be awarded the Great Kinder Barrel Race Trophy, together with 32 pints of beer. 

The fastest local team (defined as a team with a minimum of two members having close links to Edale) will be awarded the Robin Wood Barrel Trophy. The John Connors Trophy will be awarded for greatest team effort.


  • Each team Captain is responsible for organising the building of a carrying device.  Any combination of ladders, poles, ropes etc. may be used, but nothing which would give a team an unfair advantage.  So, for example, no wheels or balloons. 

  • Each team must carry a compass, map, and a basic first aid kit. Competitors should ensure they have enough water for the route and a foil blanket.

  • All participants must be dressed in clothing and footwear appropriate for the terrain and the weather on the day. Walking boots or fell running shoes only.

  • Everything taken onto the hill must be brought down (including for example all equipment used to help carry the barrel, empty water bottles etc).

Full rules and regulations will be emailed to competitors on entry.

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