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The Barrel

The classic.

Teams of eight carry a barrel over the four miles of hill, moor and trail. 

The route takes teams up Grindslow Knoll and around the edge of the Kinder Plateau before a steep descent back down into Edale Village. The views over Edale Valley are breathtaking (assuming good weather!). The total ascent is 400m all within the first mile. Descent is equally as steep and challenging.



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Race Information

The Barrel Race will start at 10:30 from Newfold Farm Campsite. The route follows 4 miles of trail up onto Kinder. It is a challenging route but it is FUN.


The route can be walked or ran. Fancy dress is encouraged. The only stipulation is that competitors wear appropriate footwear (trail shoes or walking boots only) and have some navigation experience. Marshals are placed along the route along with route markers.


0800 Barrels ready for collection at Newfold Farm Campsite

0930 Teams, barrels and carrying devices must be ready for inspection 

1000 Barrel Race captains' Briefing

1030 Pint race starts

1033 Barrel Race starts (teams will set off at 3 minute intervals

Teams are encouraged to stay to enjoy the atmosphere and cheer on the kids in the Half Pint race. Prize giving for all races will be at 3pm.


Please see below for full rules and regulations.


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Rules of the Race


The Kinder Barrel Race Challenge is to carry a full nine-gallon beer barrel across 6km of hill, trail and moor. The race celebrates the landscape and traditions of the Peak District.

These rules have been drawn up to ensure everyone can take part in a safe and enjoyable event.


Fundamental rules

  • Everyone involved in the event is required to show respect for the safety and welfare of fellow contestants, for members of the public, and for the Kinder Scout environment. 

  • It is the responsibility of each individual competitor to make their own assessment as to their ability to undertake the challenge, taking into account their fitness level, the rough terrain and how conditions on the day will influence these. 

  • Marshalls will be present on the route but irrespective of this teams must be capable of navigating across the route whatever the weather / visibility. 



  • Maximum of eight people in each team.

  • Local teams are defined as having at least two members living in or having strong Edale connections. 



  • Entry is online via the website

  • The entry fee is £120, payable in full on entry.

  • Team cancellations are non-refundable.

  • The Barrel race has a capacity of 20 teams. Once this is reached a waiting list system will operate to offer places on a first come first served basis to fill cancellations – please email to join the waiting list.



  • Each team Captain is responsible for organising the building of a carrying device prior to race day. We recommend testing your device in advance of the race.


  • Any combination of ladders, poles, ropes etc. may be used, but nothing which would give a team an unfair advantage.  So, for example, no wheels or balloons. 


  • As of 2024 we ask that NO CROSS-BODY carriers are used. This is to reduce risks of injury.


  • Each team must carry a compass, map, and a basic first aid kit.


  • Each competitor must have on them sufficient water for the race and a foil blanket.


  • All participants must be dressed in clothing and footwear appropriate for the terrain and the weather on the day. Walking boots or fell running shoes only. Participants will not be allowed to compete in wellies or other inappropriate footwear.


  • Everything taken onto the hill must be brought down (including for example all equipment used to help carry the barrel, empty water bottles etc).



Before the start

  • Teams will be able to pick up their barrels from the race field at Newfold Farm Campsite from 8.00am.

  • Teams must report to the starting marshals, together with their barrels and carrying devices assembled and ready for inspection by 9:30am.

  • Starts will be staggered at 3 minutes intervals between each team, starting at 10.30

  • Starting order to be determined by the race committee. Teams will be informed of their start order on the day.

  • A Captains Briefing will occur at 10:00am to go through the regulations and any necessary additions / variations. Captains should report to the Marshal Station at 10am.


The route

  • Teams should follow the designated marked route.

  • Both the barrel and all team members must cross fence lines along the route using either gates or stiles, to avoid damage to property. 

  • A team will complete the challenge once the barrel and at least four team members have crossed the finishing line. 

  • Any team members unable to complete the route must report to the closest route marshal along the route.

  • Team captains are responsible for ensuring all team members are accounted for by the end of event. We reserve the right to disqualify teams who cannot account for all team members.


Carrying and controlling the barrel

  • The barrel and all team equipment must be carried by the named members of the team. 


  • At least two members of the team must be in direct physical contact with the barrel and / or the carrier at all times during the event. 


  • The carrier and barrel may be sledged downhill, providing this is done in a controlled way with team members in direct contact with the barrel as explained above.  It is not sufficient to control the descent of the barrel by the use of ropes alone. 

Teams must ensure that there is no danger of the barrel or associated equipment running away down the hill with the potential to injure other competitors or members of the public.


  • Should a following team catch up with and wish to overtake a team in front of them, both teams must use common sense to enable this to happen safely. 


  • Where the route is not constricted, the overtaking team must keep clear of the team being overtaken. The team being overtaken must not alter course in a way which deliberately inconveniences the overtaking team.


  • Where the route is narrow, the team in front should find a safe place to stand aside and allow the overtaking team to pass.


  • Areas where overtaking is deemed unsafe are marked by Marshals and teams should wait to overtake once these sections have been navigated.


Sanctions against those deemed to have infringed the rules or behaved inappropriately

  • A minor infringement will result in a five-minute penalty being added to the team’s crossing time


  • Major infringement will result in disqualification from this year’s event.


  • A very serious incident involving reckless or malicious behaviour will mean that the team and all team members will not be allowed to enter future events.  


Awards and the award ceremony

  • The Great Kinder Beer Barrel Challenge Trophy (together with tokens for 72 pints of beer at The Nags Head Pub, Edale) will be awarded to the team achieving the fastest time.


  • The Ladies Trophy will be awarded to the fastest all ladies team.


  • The Robin Wood Barrel Trophy will be awarded to the fastest local team.


  • Official times will be announced, and the awards will be presented no later than 3.00 pm at Newfold Farm, Edale.


  • These Trophies are to be held for a year and must then be returned.


  • Any disputes will be judged by the race committee whose decisions will be final.

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